Monday, 14 January 2013

Thrift shop buzz #3

So a combination of January wardrobe blues and a lack of dinero has seen me reverting back to my old stomping ground recently- the charity shops. I wasn't after anything in particular - I usually find I come across more bargains when shopping with an open mind rather than a ready made shopping list. Happily though, I stumbled across a few items to liven up the wardrobe.

First purchase was this orange silk-esque top. Pretty basic, but something to add a bit of colour to the winter  drudgery. Perfect for wearing casually with jeans (add heels and a blazer to take it up a notch) or smart enough to rock as office wear. I got it for a bargain £2.99, and it's originally from George @ Asda. 

A close up of the ruffly neckline:

 Next up was this charcoal grey jumper. Admittedly it does nothing to bring colour to my life, but it's warm and cosy. I added the white top for warmth  in these bitter climes (although will be searching for one with a lower neckline to wear with it), but it can just as easily be worn without the layers. Again, it can be worn smart or casual, but colourful accessorising is a must! A bargain at £3.

My last recent purchase was this slightly more wild dressy top. This picture doesn't quite do the colour justice- it's more of a Dairy Milk purchase in real life. I wasn't sure about the silver detail -it's a little too far into Jane Norman territory for my liking - but have worn it already. Skinny jeans + black heels + black blazer + this top = perfect outfit for a meal with friends.

By some catastrophic omission on my part, I never blogged about these beauties; I picked them up in a charity shop in Camden over the summer en-route to work one particularly sunny day for £6.95. Sadly, the sun went in soon afterwards and has yet to return, so they haven't been worn yet, but I'm hoping they'll get some air time this coming summer.

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