Work with me

Like what you see? Want to work with me? I may be able to help you with the following:

  • Advertising your products/company/general awesomeness on this blog. 
  • Writing. I'm a writer. I write. This is me writing. If you need something written, let me do it for you. I am a freelance features writer, specialising in travel. I also offer copywriting services.
  • Social media. I have three years experience in managing social media accounts professionally, and know my way around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Photography. My trusty camera is never far from my neck. Let me put it to good use.
  • Looking after your dog. Ok, this one's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but I'm open to offers.
I also make a mean chocolate brownie, if you're having one of those days. Either way, get in touch with me if you want to work with me.

*PLEASE NOTE* As much as I love my job, everyone needs some downtime. Please DO NOT contact me for anything regarding my day job via this blog or my personal email address or Twitter account. I delete such messages without reading them, and do not respond. You can find out how to contact Londonist here.

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