Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wishlist: Handbags

Ladies of London, you've been doing a sterling job on the handbag front recently. Barely a day goes by when I don't encounter handbag envy of some sort of my journey to or from work. This coupled with the fact that my bag broke spectacularly a couple of days ago has led to me looking for a new gear carrier.

Normally I go for a slouchy bag, perfect for my everything-including-the-kitchen-sink mentality, but at the moment I'm feeling the love for boxy and structured bags, as you can see from my selection below.
                       Handbags 1

The central bag. from New Look, is my absolute favourite (also available in black, directly below. although unusually for me, I prefer it in pink). I love how it's simple and elegant, but not completely boring.

Also unusual for me is the hot pink option at the top. Also from New Look, the thing that puts me off is the combination of black and brown; if the handles were black, this would be a definite contender, but as it stands, there's too much going on.

The Ted Baker option in the top left is divine, but is sadly now sold out (yeah, we're gonna pretend that's the reason I'm not buying it...nothing to do with the hefty TB price tag).

The other three options are all River Island.