Saturday, 9 April 2016

Coffee and cake at The German Gymnasium, King's Cross

I'm not normally one for caring about big restaurant openings -- as long as a place does a decent burger and a milkshake, I'm happy -- so when The German Gymnasium opened in King's Cross last year, I wrote it off as somewhere I'd probably never visit.

Yesterday I found myself in The German Gymnasium with three friends. The circumstances of our meeting weren't great (I'll tell you that story another day. Maybe.) which somewhat distracted us from the impressive surroundings we found ourselves in, but these things can't be helped.

We arrived around 3pm, and were one of only a few occupied tables on the ground floor. Coffee and cake was very much required, so that's we plumped for (mine in the form of the fruit tartlet and hot chocolate above).

Staff were all very attentive, regularly offering us drink top ups, and the service was quite quick. The food was lovely -- the vanilla cream on the tartlet was particularly flavourful, and the hot chocolate came with an abundance of cream and a slightly nutty flavour.

The architecture and the decor of the place are as much of a draw as the food. Set in a two storey warehouse building, there's exposed brickwork a plenty.  A huge clock sits on one wall, and there's a sleek feel to the whole set up. Maybe I'll return one day and have a proper look around.