Sunday, 20 January 2013

Photo of the day: 19/01/2013

Yesterday was a bit of a white out. Although it didn't snow again, the previous day's snow remained, a slushy mess ruining my view, and the thunderous grey clouds overhead threatened to spill their icy load all day.

Fortunately for me, my plans involved little in the outside world anyway. I spent the day reading old copies of Bliss magazine.  Not because I'm rediscovering my teenage self (she's buried somewhere in a pile of Octopus trousers and OC boxsets), but because I'm starting a work experience placement at Bliss magazine next week. What's not to like about spending a day reading magazines and being able to call it research?

Even though I'm not strictly within the target demographic of the magazine, I am a massive fan of two of their recent cover stars, Taylor Swift (OK, more her first album than her recent music) and Ella Henderson. As soon as Ella was voted off of the X-Factor, I had a feeling that she'd be appearing in Bliss, and I was hoping that they'd schedule her in for the week I was in the office and I'd get to meet her. Sadly, those clever people at Bliss are several steps ahead of me, and she appeared on the January 2013 cover.

Naturally, the reading was accompanied by several cups of hot chocolate to counteract the wintery day. Note the camper van mug - perfect for a mental escape from this weather, allowing me to dream about touring Italy in my very own VW Camper. I'm also hooked on the Camomile, Honey and Vanilla teabags - a recent discovery of mine!

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