Sunday, 21 September 2014

Not a day without poetry in Punta Umbria

The coastal town of Punta Umbria in the South-West of Spain is known to few, often overshadowed by the nearby larger and more industrial town of Huelva. Those who do know Punta Umbria probably know it for its miles of beaches, or perhaps the fish market. 
However, one of the lesser known interesting parts of the town are these Andalucian-style painted ceramic tile signs, dotted around the town. 

One side of each sign is a short verse of poetry, attributed to the poet. On the other side of every sign is the phrase "Ni un dia sin poesia" - literally, "not a day without poetry", and the logo of the local council.

Although my patchy Spanish skills only allowed me to translate around half of the signs that I saw -and as is the nature of poetry, they didn't all translate too well - I was captivated by not only the idea of this project, but also the way it blended in. With the decorative signs on pavements and street corners among lamp posts, benches and litter bins, the poetry became part of the street furniture, a normal way of life in Punta Umbria.