Thursday, 1 January 2015

A New Year trip to Primrose Hill

Happy new year, dear reader. May 2015 be an absolute hoot! I'm feeling pretty chuffed because I've already managed to do one thing I wanted to make a point of doing in 2015, going up Primrose Hill.

Early for work this morning, having trudged through an ankle-deep layer of Strongbow cans in Camden, which gave way to an ankle-deep layer of Asti bottles as I rounded the corner into Primrose Hill (how the other half live...), I decided to seize the moment to climb to the top of this hill which I've heard so much about.

As first impressions go, it wasn't a great one. A massive clean up operation was underway to get rid of the absolute mess left behind by revellers last night. Several council vans and men in flourescent jackets were making headway on the layer of rubbish coating the side of the hill. I got speaking to a couple of locals who were out walking their dogs and they were stunned by the mess; they'd never seen it this bad after New Year's Eve before.

Still, I can see how such a place could be attractive with a little less mess and a little more sunshine. One to return to at a later date, me thinks.