Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sport Relief Masterclass with Duncan Goodhew and Karen Pickering.

As you may well know, in a few weeks time, I am taking part in the Sport Relief swimathon. I have been blogging about my training on the Psychologies website. I say training. Due to the closure of my local pool, Tonbridge, thanks to the floods at Christmas, training hasn't really gone to plan. 

I have been going running more regularly and, er, that's about it. So I was predictably nervous going to the swimming masterclass with Olympic swimmers Duncan Goodhew and Karen Pickering that the lovely Becky at Sport Relief had organised.

*wasn't as awkward as it appears

Fortunately it was a small group - just myself and two other bloggers - so very relaxed. It was a great opportunity to improve my technique based on advice from experts.
Holding Duncan's olympic gold medal
By the end of the hour in the water I could already feel an improvement in the way I was swimming due to the tiny tweaks that they suggested I make to my style- stretching a little more here, flicking my hand there.
Having my technique scrutinised
I left the session feeling more confident in my ability to swim properly, but seriously concerned about the prospect of swimming 2.5km - I was panting and puffing after 6 lengths in the pool! More work needed me thinks.

If you would like to sponsor me, with all money going to Sports Relief, you may do so here. Much appreciated. 

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