Sunday, 30 March 2014

FieldCandy tents

I'm not normally one to write about products on this blog unless I have a strong opinion about them. I don't take bribes for coverage, or do sponsored posts, or anything like that, so what you see is what you get.

With this in mind, I really wanted to share a product that I came across through work recently. Bear in mind that I haven't seen one of these products in the flesh, as it were, let alone tried one, so I make no promises about their quality.

I present to you, FieldCandy. Not a dance music club night in the South Downs, as one might suspect from the name (just me?), but a funky new range of tents, designed to look like things other than tents. Take for example,my personal favourite, the book:

or the shed

There are plenty more cool designs on their website. However, at £195/£395/£495 a pop, the website is where they are most likely to stay for the majority of people.

But imagine how much more fun a campsite of festival full of these bad boys would look!

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