Saturday, 28 January 2017

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik release I Don't Wanna Live Forever video

I'm not normally one for music blogging, but when Taylor Swift releases a new tune, I'm all over it like a cheerleader on a football captain.

T-Swizz has partnered up with one time One Direction member Zayn Malik to release I Don't Wanna Live Forever -- the soundtrack to the new Fifty Shades movie, out in February.  On first thoughts, the pairing of pop's golden girl and rebel guy seems an odd one, yet it works.

The song's been floating around since late last year, but they released the video this week -- and as you'd expect with anything from the Fifty Shades family, it's all a bit saucy (excusing some questionable miming from Zayn in the opening verse).

 Champagne flows, things get smashed. There's strobe lighting. It takes a few watches to fully take it all in. Purist Taylor Swift fans who still hark back to her innocent country beginnings (I'll admit, I was one of them myself until Out Of The Woods won me over with its relentless catchiness) will hate it. That lipstick! Those hair tosses! That pout!

There's something for fact fans and Londonphiles too: it was filmed in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in King's Cross.

*Hums to self for rest of weekend* Wu-ooh-uh-uh.

FYI, the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack also has offerings from the likes of John Legend, SIA, Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj, and Corinne Bailey Rae. Not a bad line-up at all.

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