Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sensorites- Slipstream

Having hit the "Repeat" button on Sensorites' single Fool enough times for even the inanimate objects in my life to know all the lyrics - I defy you to listen to it a couple of times and NOT have it playing in your head for the rest of eternity- I had a dig around their YouTube channel to see what other mischief they've got up to.

Slipstream is not a song for the mild-mannered, as suggested by the single cover. The lyrics aren't quite as catchy as Fool, but the melody is one of those that you'll catch yourself humming half-heartedly as you go about your business, until you get to the two words you do know. You'll sing these words with such oomph and gusto that you'll scare all elderly women and cats within a 2 mile radius.

The more I listen to Sensorites, the more they sound like an awesome Oasis-Scouting for Girls-Arctic Monkeys mash up. And that's OK with me.

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