Friday, 22 March 2013

My work experience at Cosmopolitan magazine: part two

Sadly my placement at Cosmopolitan magazine came to an end today. This is the bit where I take an X-Factor-esue look back at my time in the competition Cosmo HQ.

For all the goss on my first two weeks, clickety-click. All caught up? Good. I'll begin.

I'm pleased to say that my second two weeks were even more exciting than my first.  I had even more chances to get involved with "real" work, such as tracking down and interviewing psychologists, to get their take on certain subjects.

Of course, there was the usual transcribing and tea-making to be done. One transcription I did was an interview with an author, for which I was asked to prepare some questions the previous day. It was really exciting to hear that some of the questions I had suggested and research I had prepared had been used in the interview!

Particularly exciting was last Thursday. Around 11am, the office was stormed by a gaggle of half naked young men wearing pink jeans and throwing chocolates around. Their aim: promoting an event on behalf of Wink Bingo. Their actual action; all attempting to climb into the same dustbin.

 This was followed up shortly afterwards by a delivery of ice cream. A couple of hours later, a pizza delivery from Bella Italia arrived. All in all, a good day.

The following day was Comic Relief, which saw the majority of the office dressed in onesies for the day!

The Cosmo team storm the editor's office in their onesies!

Later in the day we were joined by boyband Times Red, who made it to judges' houses on 2012 X-Factor, and were treated to an intimate performance of their single in the office. One of them even took a photo of me in my sexy giraffe onesie!

As always, the worst part of the work placement was saying goodbye to the lovely people I've worked with for the past month, but I left the Hearst building armed with goodies, free books (thanks to Lorna, the books editor!) and a heapful of inspiration to succeed in the magazine industry and one day work for a great magazine such as Cosmo.

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