Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It's nearly here! The Great Gatsby theatrical trailer

Never have I anticipated a film release as much as I am looking forward to The Great Gatsby. The trailer shows Leo Di Caprio playing the brooding Jay Gatsby, although whether he is in with a shot at becoming more synonymous with the role than Robert Redford remains to be seen. I'm still not sure about the casting of Carey Mulligan as Daisy - this is not to discredit her in any way as an actress, but it's a role I could very much imagine Emma Stone adopting quite well. I was also interested to learn that Tobey Maguire had been cast in the narrative role of Nick. Being from the Spiderman era myself, I struggle to imagine him carrying off enough authority as is required to play Nick, but with Baz Luhrmann firmly at the helm, I also struggle to see how any tiny detail of the film could be allowed to go awry.

Looking at the trailer, it seems set to be everything it should -as a subscriber to the idea that films never do justice to the books they're based on, I don't want to speak too soon- but the glitz, the glamour, the extravagance all seem to add up to another Luhrmann classic.

The UK cinema release date is set for 16th May. Meanwhile, I'll be curled up on a beanbag re-reading Fitzgerald's finest work,and anticipating the inevitable tsunami of '20s flapper-style dresses hitting the high street.

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