Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hummingbird Bakery, Kensington.

Around a year ago, I visited the newly opened Hummingbird Bakery in Spitalfields, and found it to be a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I visited on a bad day, but as a self-confessed cupcake connoisseur and all-round sugar head, I was left disappointed by my pilgrimage to one of the most famous cupcake bakeries going.

Recently, then, I jumped at the chance to visit the older and wiser sister, the longer established South Kensington branch of Hummingbird Bakery, and I'm pleased to say that this wonderful brand wiggled it's way back into my good estimations.

The premises of this branch seem smaller than the Spitalfields branch, and late on a Saturday afternoon, we managed to grab the last available seats. The cozy and limited seating arrangements give it an air of exclusivity, particularly when coupled with the desirable postcode in which the bakery resides, and the constant flow of customers creates a more lively atmosphere than that which I experienced at the Spitalfields branch.  The recognisable pink and brown branding confirms that this is the infamous bakery synonymous with the cookbooks I always eye up in WHSmiths but which somehow never make it onto my Christmas list. Maybe this year.

Not the best photo- the lighting was quite dim, and the dark wall colours didn't help. It was beautifully decorated though, with cupcakes images lining the walls and the brown and pink theme adhered to throughout.

I opted for a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing for £2.30 and my friend went for the biscuit bar (a rocky road type concoction). The cake was delicious, the icing creamy, smooth and moist with a good flavour, and the sprinkles made the perfect texture.

The whole experience was a massive improvement on the Spitalfields experience and I think I may have been to hasty to judge this brand. Had I visited the Spitafields branch on a weekend, perhaps the atmosphere may have been more lively. I guess my only option is to visit the Soho, Notting Hill and Islington branches to get a full brand experience. Perhaps even a return visit to Spitalfields now that it's been open for a while longer to see if it's improved. *Sigh*. It's a tough life but someone's got to do it.

Unfortunately, so excited was I at the prospect of my next stop (Harrods) that I forgot to take a photo of the   bakery. But it's pretty hard to miss. Just follow your nose.