Saturday, 15 September 2012

A high school* reunion

Today I attended my first secondary school reunion, and contrary to convention, quite enjoyed it. Then again, I was always one of those weirdos who loved school, and the higher up the school I got, and the tougher the exams became, the more I thrived from it.

Billed as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the school, all past students and staff were invited along to the event. Being unemployed, single and living at home, I hardly had the best weapons to launch into the unspoken psycho-social battle for who had achieved the most, which  I had anticipated.

However, there were surprisingly few people from my year present, despite the fact that most of us have just moved back into the area after graduating. However, it was still a great chance to catch up with a few teachers and have a nose around the buildings (which have not changed much, save a half hearted canopy against the school hall.)

* The fact that I now refer to it as high school is testament alone of the fact that I have changed since I left. Until I moved north and heard people in Yorkshire use the term "high school"  I thought it was an Americanisn that had not reached our fair isle.

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