Monday, 17 September 2012

Blackpool illuminations centenary - photos

A recent visit to the annual Blackpool illuminations resulted in many, many photos, so I decided to share a few here. Apologies for the blurriness of some of them - we were driving through the lights in a moving car! It was a good year to visit, as it was the centenary celebration of the lights.

Naturally, sponsorship was rife. There was even a McDonald's-powered section, introduced by the slogan "I 'm lovin it" in lights.

Old TV favourite Basil Brush
Although the famous Blackpool trams have recently been replaced with more modern versions, some of the old ones were revitalised and running again for the centenary. This ship and train were running up and down the seafront on the night we visited.

Hickory Dickory Dock

My one memory of visiting the lights as a young whippersnapper (other than the indoor play area at the Norbeck Castle Hotel) was the Postman Pat display on the seafront. I was mighty chuffed to see him there again this year, although whether he has been there for the intervening 16 years, or whether he was brought out of retirement for the centenary display is unknown. Needless to say my childhood memories have been somewhat tainted by the scantily-clad women behind him!

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