Monday, 7 April 2014

A (second) trip up The Orbit

Don't look down!
The other day I wrote about my preview trip up The Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, before either the park or the structure were open to the public. Just three days later I returned to the park for the opening day, and went up The Orbit again (having bought the tickets before I knew about my freebie preview).

A better view than last time!
Fortunately the weather this time was much clearer, making for a great view as far as Harrow on the Hill and Ally Pally
Before going up
A couple of tips if you're going up the Orbit yourself; try to pick your spot in the lift very carefully. Although the ascent is only 34 seconds (as the staff will repeatedly tell you, with such pride as if they'd engineered it themselves), two of the four corners have little peephole windows. Great if you like whizzy views, not so great if you don't. Pick your lift spot accordingly.

Also, if you are able, it is worth walking back down the stairs, rather than taking the lift down to ground level. The entire staircase is a giant soundscape, takingyou through the entire city via iconic sounds such as the bell foundry at Whitechapel, traders at Columbia Road flower market and crowds cheering at Wembley.

Some of the first visitors enjoy the view

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