Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Emeli Sande - Crazy In Love feat. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

A cheeky browse on Twitter this morning saw me finding a link to Emeli Sande and Bryan Ferry's cover of Crazy in Love, part of the Great Gatsby soundtrack. I couldn't actually watch the video until I got home this evening, so spent all day hyping it up in my mind, until I had a solid idea of what I expected- a slow and sensual rendition of Queen Bey's best-known work.

That was not what I got. This rendition is pacey, full of bring-on-the-trumpets jazziness, a perfect backing soundtrack for the automobiles of the '20s speeding past the watchful eyes of Dr. Eckleburg into the lively city beyond.

 Never have I been so excited about a film!

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