Saturday, 10 November 2012

What do you get if you cross a cub and a jumper?

Today was a relatively normal day at the Lion Park, the first time in five days that we did not leave the park. One volunteer left today, the first to do so since I arrived, with many more packing to leave tomorrow.

When the 3-6 month old cubs were fed in the evening, one volunteer left her jumper and bag in the enclosure, which interested the lions once they had finished their meals. Although Marian managed to get the bag back, the jumper was a bit more difficult as two of the larger cubs had started fighting over it. Marian had to call Princess, one of the other staff members, to help her. With a bit of wrestling, a lot of distraction and a tiny amount of pepper spray, the jumper was retrieved - more holes than a sponge but still in one piece.

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