Monday, 5 November 2012

A traditional braai

Returning to the camp after our shopping trip, having worked up quite an appetite chasing meerkats, we settled in for our traditional African braai (barbecue). We spent the evening eating good food; chicken and sausages, cooked similarly to a British barbecue, but with extra spice. It was great to try a traditional African meal, as the food provided for the volunteers (burgers/pizza/toasted sandwiches) is not particularly African.

 The strangest part was clearing up; out of habit I looked for a recycling bin for the drinks cans and glass bottles, but there are no recycling facilities in South Africa - at least in this area-  so everything went in the same bin. It felt odd, wrong even, to be throwing things away that could easily be recycled at home - it seems the recycling message has filtered into the British mindset more than people think

The volunteers enjoying a braai!

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