Saturday, 2 December 2017

The whole picture: November 2017

Miss my October round-up? Catch up here.

What I've done in November

The fact that I've not published my end of November round-up until 2 December tells you all you need to know about the last month; busy, busy, busy. This is mainly due to the fact that it's beginning  to look a lot like Christmas in London and I've been scattered here, there and everywhere across London to cover it for work.

My favourite event of the month was Christmas at Kew, the annual light festival which takes places at the Botanical Gardens. I make a point of going to the press night every year, and can honestly say tht this year is the best so far. Make time to go!

Another highlight was a trip up the rarely-open BT Tower and a chance to watch the sun set over London, prosecco in one hand, camera in the other.

My colleagues have been hard at work this month putting the finishing touches to our book, Londonist Mapped. Some of my features made it into the finished product, which I'm pretty chuffed about, and I'll be referring to myself as a published author for the foreseeable future.

What I've eaten in November

Some friends and I finally made a long-planned pilgrimage to Archie's in Deptford, a bar hidden away in the railway arches, serving up cheese. It's a tiny place, just four tables inside, and feels like stumbling on a little secret. Here's another secret; the mozzarella sticks are one of the best dishes being served at any restaurant in London. Oozy, stretchy, melty cheese covered in crunchy crumbs - it's carb heaven. The melted cheese sandwich had less of a wow factor, being burnt and not all that cheesy. Stick to the mozzarella sticks, my friend. They'll see you right.

In sweet tooth news, I wound up at BRGR.CO in Soho, with five of their delicious freakshakes in front of me at 11 in the morning. I made a how-they're-made video about the freakshakes for work, and then of course, someone had to drink them. I didn't finish them all, but that was one heck of a sugar high to come down from.

What's coming up?

CHRISTMAS! Obviously, but before that, there are two trips away, work Christmas party, ex-colleague's Christmas drinks, Christmas cocktail club and a whole lot more to get through. Watch this space...

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