Tuesday, 25 April 2017

B 'N' T Brunch Afternoon Tea at Le Meridien Piccadilly: review

Paging London: someone's finally started serving up a Full English breakfast inside a Yorkshire pudding and yes, it really is the stuff dreams are made of.

It's part of the highlight of a new brunch-themed afternoon tea which launches on 29 April. I had a little sneak preview, and it's every bit as good as it sounds. Choose from a gin-based cocktail (the Berries and Tea is the perfect blend of sweet and sour) or bottomless prosecco and get stuck in.

Naturally, the Full English Breakfast Yorkshires were our first port of call. They've got everything going on in there - bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms. It's basically a posh grease-fest. A charcoal bread open sandwich (not really to my taste) and Eggs Piccadilly (an English muffin filled with smoked salmon and egg, among other things - delicious) finished off the top tier, and it was onto the scone round.

I was fortunate enough to be dining with someone who doesn't like chocolate, so it was a double round of chocolate and raspberry scones for me. The delicious warmth meant delightfully oozy chocolate chips. The raspberries mentioned on the menu were somewhat lacking, but weren't really necessary anyway.

The chocolate brownies could have done without their sweet potato garnish, and it's a shame the Yorkshire puddings weren't hot (although their contents were). Otherwise, this is the ideal afternoon tea to satisfy both sweet toothed diners and those with more savoury tastes.

B 'N' T Brunch Afternoon Tea at the Terrace Grill & Bar, Le Meridian Piccadilly, launches on 29 April 2017. Prices start at £27.50.

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