Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Is this the best landing view from any airport in the world?

I was kicking myself as we came into land at Venice Marco Polo Airport last week. Not because I'd forgotten anything, or because I'm a particularly nervous flyer, but because I didn't have my camera to hand when this corker of a view appeared in the tiny oval of the aeroplane window:

Photo by the lovely Emma Cleaver who was clever enough to whip her camera out in time.
Yes. that is the whole of the island of Venice, plus a few outlying islands, stretched out in front of you. Yes, it was stunning, and yes, it got me really, really excited to land and get down there exploring.

It also got me thinking -- is this one of the best airport landing views in the world? It's certainly got to be up there as one of the best city views -- by the very virtue of being a city, planes vary rarely fly in so close to them -- although I hear planes from London City Airport often get a little too close for comfort.

Luckily I was a little more prepared on the way back, camera hung round my neck, finger twitching minutes before we'd even reached the runway for take-off. The positioning of the airport means that after take off, planes have to double back on themselves and circle over Venice to get enough height to get over the Alps, creating a perfect photo opportunity. I didn't manage to capture the whole of Venice (thanks, wing), but this little beauty is the island of Burano, best known for its colourful houses:

Know of any better take-off or landing views? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear about them.

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