Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Big Red Bus Pizzeria, Deptford

One of my birthday present from The Boy was a trip to The Big Red Bus Pizzeria in Deptford. It had been on my hitlist since I'd heard about it a year ago, not being one to turn down anything quirky, and I was excited to finally be going (although the excitement was partly due to riding the DLR on the way there - although The Boy wouldn't let me sit in the driver's seat. Londoners, you know what I mean.

On a quite Tuesday evening, we got the choice of where to sit, and opted for the top deck of a double decker bus, the focal point of the restaurant (covered courtyard seating also available) where the original bus seats have now been converted into four-seater tables.

While getting used to our surroundings, we placed orders for our drinks, and when they arrived some time later, we had to send them back, as both orders were wrong. When it finally arrived correctly, my cocktail was lovely, but even better was the cheesy honey garlic bread.

"Cheesy honey?", I hear you ask. Our thoughts precisely when we read the menu, which is why  we gave it a go. And God does it work. Try it. Try it at home. I know I will.

So: rubbish drinks service. Excellent starter. It was all to play for with the main course, the pizza. As it turned out, it was...disappointing. Edible, but burnt, and nowhere near the quality to be expected from a place calling itself a pizzeria.

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