Monday, 31 December 2012

Mince pies out the way- it's sale time!

For me, the post-Christmas sales are as much of a tradition as turkey and a tree. The sales left me disappointed last year, and after a few months of financial restraint, I was looking forward to grabbing a few bargains and revitalising my wardrobe in the cheap this year.

However, once again I was left disappointed. By the time my grand old trip to Stratford City Westfield came round, most of the shops were bereft of sale rails entirely. 

My main target this year was office wear (I feel so grown up typing that!) and I managed to catch a couple of bargains.

The above grey skirt was £7 in the H&M sale. Venturing into the store was a mission and a half - one glance at my friend cowering under a rail as violent shoppers ripped items off the rail, mere millimetres from her ears, was a particular highlight. Back to the skirt - it's a versatile office staple- heels, flats, jumpers, blouses, vest tops, pretty much any colour- it all goes, making it perfect for wearing year round.

My second purchase was this plum coloured skirt from Primark. I'd gone in with the intention of hunting down a black dip-hem skirt I'd seen on a mannequin a couple of weeks ago but not had time to try on. Said skirt was disappointing fit, but I went away with this one, another office staple.

Disappointingly, my favourite stores (New Look, I'm looking at you) had very little in the way of sale gear- most of the shop floor was still dedicated to full price current season items. Forever 21 was also disappointing - they only had a couple of sale rails in their whole three-floor store, and as far as we could tell, most reduced items were faulty - ripped, stained or damaged in some way.

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