Saturday, 16 April 2011

Eastenders, Friday 15th April, 20:00

Some of the best acting for a very long time in tonight's episode, with Ronnie finally giving Tommy back to Kat and coming clean.

Samantha Womack, who plays Ronnie, has portrayed her torment brilliantly over the past weeks and months, but never more so than in this episode, which saw Ronnie making the decision to do the right thing after visiting the maternity ward where James and Tommy were born.

Also brilliant acting on the part of Scott Maslen, who plays Ronnie's long-suffering husband Jack Branning, and Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat Slater.

As well as this storyline, we saw the aftermath of Abi and Max's crash on the way to Tanya's wedding. You would be surprised how many people don't even bat an eyelid at the sight of a bride rushing into A & E dressed head to toe in white on her wedding day. But is married life over before it's really started for Tanya and Greg? Whilst viewers have seen no real chemistry between these two, and no reason to believe in them as a couple, it would probably be a massive mistake for Tanya to go back to Max, and she knows it.

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