Monday, 11 April 2011

Coronation Street, Monday 11th April, 19.30

So Eddie's not a great father, Roy is having deep and profound thoughts and Jim has messed up again. No great surprises in tonight's first episode of Corrie then.

Shocking, however, to find that Roy is actually human, of woman born, as his mother made a surprise yet highly unwelcome visit to the cafe. I for one would like this character to stick around for a while-if not just to find out a little more about Roy's past and why he is so strange.

Also unsurprisingly, Xin seems to be falling for sort-of-husband and best friend's boyfriend Graham, the knight in shining armour who has stepped in to save her being deported. Can't help thinking the visa marriage is something she has set up to try to win Graham from Tina. Watch this space....

Meanwhile, Jim's botched attempt as raiding a building society to buy the Rovers for 'Elizabeth' has failed (so it has, so it has). And no surprises really. Many bank raids that take months of planning are unsuccessful, so what he was hoping to achieve in the space of an afternoon, one has to wonder, particularly with nothing but a flat cap as a disguise. Looks like it's back to the 'big hoos' for our wee Jim lad.

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