Monday, 11 April 2011

Eastenders, Monday 11th April, 20:00

History was made twice over tonight, as Tanya's fiance Greg finally managed to string more than two words together, and Zainab was finally left speechless by Tanya's bolshy mother, all of two minutes after her arrival in the Square.

Whitney has returned from her brief stint at wherever-she-was, and is seeking solace from her normal madhouse at Dot's, resulting in Dot offering to 'make up the spare room' (with your arm in that sling? Yeah, right).

Having just got rid of her ailing husband Jim for a while, to give her a chance to recover from her fall, Dot was probably hoping for a bit of peace and quiet (as unlikely as that sounds in Walford). But Whitney is not the only visitor to her door, as Ronnie turns up, seemingly ready to spill the beans over the whole baby swap saga, and having suddenly become religious, apparently.

The whole Tommy-James baby swap story has dragged out for too long already, and Ronnie's downfall has ruined one of the most likeable characters on the Square. It's about time they wrapped this far- fetched story up and moved on to something else.

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