Saturday, 16 April 2011

Big Corrie news-Michelle Collins and John Michie to join cast.

Over on Twitter there have been rumblings for days about some big Corrie news. It was finally revealed this morning that Michelle Collins and John Michie are set to play new characters taking over the helm of the Rovers following Liz's recent departure.

Michelle Collins' character, Stella is employed by Steve to take over the Rovers "after a series of bust-ups with wife Becky leaves the pub's future in serious jeopardy" according to the Coronation Street website, and her husband Karl soon follows

Can we expect a Cindy Beale-esque character from Michelle? Karl and Stella's marriage is apparently set to be one of the biggest storylines of 2011 for the soap, but just what this means remains to be seen.

So what next for Steve and Becky? Rumours are that Katherine Kelly, who plays Becky, is happy on the show and has no plans to leave. But it will be nice to see someone else involved in the behind-the-scenes drama at the Rovers for a change, following Becky and Steve's child buying, adoption fail and near attempt at kidnapping both Amy and Max and sailing off into the sunset with them. We know they will never have a quiet life with Tracey and Kylie on the street, but hopefully this will give some other characters a chance in the limelight for a while.

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