Saturday, 16 April 2011

Waterloo Road Series 6-Series Review

A surprisingly happy ending to this series, considering previous runs have ended with fires in the school and a digger destroying the front entrance to name but a couple. No fires, no heavy vehicles, only one pupil injured.

Of course, the main story of the series has been Chesca and Jonah's illicit relationship. This seems to be a marmite one; some people love them together, others think it's completely wrong. Teacher-pupil relationship aside, they do make a very cute couple, but not sure some of the content was entirely appropriate considering the age group of many of the audience of this show.

It was good to see a positive side to Finn Sharky as well. This character used to be the bad guy of the school until George Sampson made an appearance as Kyle Stack, making him look, well, a bit weedy in comparison. The ongoing battle between them came to a head in the final episode, with Denzel Kelly risking his life on a railway bridge to impress Kyle, and Finn valiantly hurried up to rescue him, more to impress Sam than save Denzel we suspect, and injuring himself badly in the process. Appearing in a wheelchair in the next series? Perhaps, it's something they've not done before.

There have been Fisher family dramas along the way. It seems that everyone has forgotten Harry's bulimia, and he has moved on to getting involved with the stunts and dares of Denzel Kelly and the other boys-what would mummy say? Can't help going a bit "aww" over his friendship with Ruth Kirby-I'm hoping we'll see her back in the next series, and maybe a bit more happening between them, but following her brother Jonah's, ahem, misendeavours, it looks unlikely that she will be setting foot anywhere near Waterloo Road again. And just as she was beginning to grow on us...

And let us not forget the Fisher sister's brush with a paedophile.

Cannot help finding Ruby's novel publishing a tad unbelievable-a couple of hours working on a novel and suddenly she's being published. Good to see an ongoing friendship developing between her and Grantley though, despite them both being quite prickly characters.

Good news...according to, the show is due to return for a 7th series on week beginning 30th April. Exact date and time yet to be confirmed. Watch this space.

Predictions for the next series?
A blossoming friendship between Finn and Kyle? Another Fisher offspring arriving from somewhere now that Bex is off to uni? Denzel Kelly going the same way as his older brother Earl and ending up suspended or in prison?

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