Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coronation Street, Thursday 14th April, 20:20

Was this the first time Liz McDonald has been seen without make-up? Possibly. But who can blame her-Jim's back in the 'big hoose' (although the way Liz and Steve are raking through his things, you'd think he was dead) and she's stuck with Becky for the forseeable. Or is she?  Let's hope these is a future for Liz and Jim, and that this isn't the end-they are such a good couple. Is this really the end for Liz?

No surprise that  Katy and Chesney are struggling. Viewers are behind this couple all the way-between his psychotic brother-in-law (not to mention his mother, Cilla), and her over protective father, neither of them have had the best start in life, so they deserve a bit of happiness, especially as they both seem wise beyond their years. Can definitely see this one ending badly....Gretna Green perhaps?

Feeling a little bit sorry for Maria. Just when things were looking up and she had a decent job, a man comes along to ruin it in typical Corrie style. There is definitely something creepy about Frank-him and Tracey are made  for each other

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