Monday, 11 April 2011

Coronation Street, Monday 11th April, 20:30

As Steve MacDonald so accurately put it, there is a 'Grade 1 nutcase with a shotgun' on the loose. In this episode Jim goes from in control of the whole hold-up-at-the-bank situation that he has got himself into, to potentially suicidal, to accepting the fact that he has mucked up again and stepping down gracefully. I half expected, in the true Corrie we all know and love, for Jim to try and fire the gun only to discover that it wasn't loaded.

It is a shame to see this character in trouble again so soon after he returned to our screens. Would have been nicer to perhaps see him and 'his Elizabeth' at least sharing a little bit of happiness in their beloved Rovers before he landed himself behind bars again. But this is Soapland I guess.

David and Kylie have now jetted off on their Honeymoon, courtesy of the £1,000 that Gail paid her son's fiancee to scarper before the wedding. As far fetched as it was to suggest that Nick happened to have £1,000 lying around spare, having just reopened his business days before, what was even more unbelievable is the fact that Gail believed gold digging Kylie would disappear off into the sunset, leaving Gail's precious son behind-why take the money, when you can take the money AND stick around to wind the mother-in-law up?

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