Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sale fail!

I am a massive fan of the post-Christmas sales, almost as much as Christmas itself. In anticipation of this year's sales, I wrote a feature for The Yorker about how to make the most of the sales. Every year, there's one big bargain that I'm proud of (and, if I'm being honest, several other items that I buy just because they're cheap, regardless of whether I'll wear them or not). Last year, my best buy was a black blazer from Bershka, reduced down to £20, which has become an absolute staple of my year-round wardrobe.

This year, however, the sales were highly disappointing. There were very few bargains to be had, and instead of reducing current stock, most high street fashion retailers simply wheeled out their unsold summer stock and filled a couple of reduced rails with that. Most disappointing.

Resultingly, I didn't but a single reduced item. What I did do, however, is invest in a couple of wardrobe staples. Namely; boots.

Roll downs, £35, Linzi

First purchase were these roll down leather biker
style boots-they can be worn both ways so are
effectively two purchases in one, making them even more bargainous (bargainful? bargainistic?). They are browner than they appear in the photo, but not enough so that they couldn't be worn with black. Plus, they're wide enough to tuck straight/skinny leg jeans in, but not so wide that they'd drown an untrousered leg.

Knee highs, £20, Primark

Second purchase was these black (imitation) leather boots from Primark. They're smarter than other boots I've owned, so perfect for wearing with a knee length skirt (any shorter and I probably risk being picked up in street corners). They're also roomy enough to wear with skinny jeans tucked in, and I love the contrasting colour heel. A new wardrobe favourite I think!

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