Thursday, 5 January 2012

High hopes and expectations

2012 is going to be a career orientated year for me. Fingers (and all other bodily protrusions) crossed, I will graduate in July, and until just a few days ago when we hopped across the border into 2012, that seemed like ions away. Now, however, it is only 5 months until exams etc. are done. That's only 5 months of long days in library and nights danced away in Reflex until I have to be a real adult in the real world (she wrote, whilst tucked up on the sofa at 3pm, watching Glee and drinking hot chocolate). So I have formulated a sort-of-plan to help me on my chosen career path of magazine journalism, and I'm hoping that by putting out into a public(ish) forum like this, it will help me to stick to it

  • Post to this blog as much as possible; So far so good, but hey, we're only 5 days in. Watch this space...
  • By the end of January I aim to have organised some sort of work experience, preferably in a national magazine. Ideally I would like to work in a mainstream monthly women's magazine such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Company. I will be applying for work experience with all of these, in the features department or similar (doesn't hurt to try, although I doubt I have enough experience yet for publications such as these to consider me), and will also apply to a whole handful of magazines. Again, watch this space
  • By the end of 2012 I will have pitched (hopefully successfully) a feature idea to a well-known magazine ( got a couple of ideas at the moment, but the actual pitch is going to have to wait until after graduation, when I have the odd moment a day to breathe)
  • Get some experience in multimedia journalism-video vox pops etc.
  • I also aim to expand the repertoire of publications that I write for. 

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