Sunday, 1 January 2012

Going the distance (Burstein, 2010)


Heat magazine labelled it as the "funniest rom-com of the year so far". One can only assume that it was released in early January, as it is neither funny nor romantic.

The plotline has potential, although the long distance relationship thing has been done multiple times. The first main problem is the lack of chemistry and passion between the protagonists (Drew Barrymore and Justin Long)-a key ingredient for a successful romantic comedy.

The second gaping hole is the comedy part-the only part that managed to raise a laugh was the very final moment-and that was more of a this-is-meant-to-be-a-comedy-so-I-should-laugh rather than an actual this-is funny-so-I'll-laugh laugh. Ya get me?

That's not to say there weren't attempts at humour-but an awkward dining table sex-scene and an excruciating attempt at phone sex later, no one was laughing.

As queen of the downright awful rom-com, even I cannot find a saving grace for this atrocity. Avoid avoid avoid.

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