Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thrift shop buzz #1

As I spend such a large proportion of my shopping time (and budget) trawling through the charity shops of the High Street,  I have decided to keep a record of the items I purchase within these shops. I think it is such a shame that people are still so reluctant to buy from charity shops, or even browse them, due to the stigma of wearing second hand clothes or using second hand items. (More of my charity shop rants here)

My most recent charity shop crawl led to the purchase of two items; Firstly, this gorgeous fluffy pink scarf. It's probably long enough to keep a giraffe's neck warm and it's so soft.

The colours (if you look closely it has a fine gold thread running through it) conjured up romantic festive images with a snow-covered backdrop, so I had to get it, despite already owning hundreds of scarves! There is no label giving away which shop it was originally purchased from, but I'd say somewhere like White Stuff perhaps-I'm guessing it was at least £15-£20. To me, £2.50.

My second purchase was my first ever pair of skinny jeans, and boy am I happy that I finally found a pair that fit. Originally from Gap, they look as if they've hardly been worn. I'm such an odd shape that I resent paying over the odds for jeans that rarely fit well anyway. I've still had to roll these ones up a couple of inches at the bottom, but for £4 I don't mind!

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