Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Animal photos

Here are some of my favourite photos I took whilst working at London Zoo this summer. There were hundreds more, due to the beauty (and curse) that is digital photography.

I absolutely love this one. Anyone who's friends with me on Facebook might recognise it, it's been my profile picture for a while. It was a pure stroke of luck, it started as an average photo of a tiger but as I took it he yawned? stretched? Either way he showed off those beautiful teeth, which make you realise just how dangerous these creatures really are. It amuses me because he looks so chuffed with himself. It's a shame it's not a clearer photo and that I caught the reflection in the glass.

 If you haven't cottoned on by now, I love penguins. Have done since I was little, not too sure why. But these particular beauties had moved into their brand new Penguin Beach enclosure shortly before I started working at the zoo. It was amazing to watch, over the summer, as they became more at home in their new enclosure, and you could really tell that they all had their own personalities. They became so confident that they would swim right up to the glass and if you traced your finger along the glass they would follow it. Right little cuties.

I wish I'd managed to take this one more centrally to get a full shot of both penguins.

I love the way the giraffe is split in two with the fence right down the middle-he was having a cheeky munch of the next door neighbour's (zebra) trees!

I've got a lot of love for the llamas too. They have a knack of pulling the most bizarre and bewildered looking facial expressions, usually with a bit of straw casually hanging out of the side of their mouths, as above.

 For someone who is petrified of reptiles, I actually fell for this mini crocodile guy. He was quite cute, and luckily was lying head on to the glass so that I could take this photo.
Not forgetting Lucifer, everyone's favourite big cat. When he's not happy, everyone knows it! The residents of Primrose Hill often phone the zoo asking them to turn the volume down on the lion.

I got a couple more beauties but I'm planning on entering a photography competition with them, so I'll hold them back for a while

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