Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A whale of a time

I'm having a  whale of a time working in the gift shop at London Zoo, "turtley awesome" as one of my friends put it. Toucan play at that game, I thought, so I decided I wouldn't take any more of his jokes lion down.

It's aard vark in the gift shop, we spend a lot of our time pandaing to people's needs. When we're had a rush of school kids through, the shop looks a bit bear. I like stocking up but the top shelves are a bit of a pain, and being on the short side myself, ostrich to reach them. Some of my colleagues have exceptional customer service skills, so okapi them to look good myself. As well as that, it was quite giraffety in there today, the temperature was a lot koala than other days.

One of my favourite products we sell are the gorilla hand puppets. They are very realistic, I was looking at them early and realised that they're so uncanny, it's like a chimp off the old block.

Lunchtime is always fun. We are allowed to wander around the zoo, looking at the animals. Tiger, or not tiger? that is the question I normally ask myself.

As much fun as it is working there,  it's also exhausting, so we're normally dancing on the sealion when it's time to go home.

I've also learnt a lot about the animals. Lions, for example, are not mere cats. They are so much more than that.

Visited the zoo and wondering what to do next? Why not head to the West End and and go to the theatre? I hear Elephantom of the Opera is good. Or head to the Odeon in Camden, they're showing Rhino what you did last summer. For something more active, give flamingo dancing a go.

You at the back. Yes, you. Stop laughing. You may be finding these little puns amusing, but you can badger bottom dollar that other people aren't.

Well that's enough of this monkeying around. It's the end of the day so Iguana go home now. Alpaca bag and I'll be off.

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