Thursday, 14 July 2011

Aardvark kiss

Day two at the zoo and the training continues. Today I got a tour of the zoo. Sad to learn that the elephants no longer reside in Regent's Park, they were my one memory of coming to the zoo as a child. We also got trained on what to do if a dangerous animal escapes (FYI, general gist=run). It doesn't sound like anything too dangerous has escaped before, except a red panda which spent a night chillaxing up a tree in Regent's Park before returning home for breakfast the next morning. Standard.

Highlight of the day had to be having an aardvark licking my feet. It's nice to be adored at least once a day. No comments about how my job must be "aard vark" (say it in a funny accent) please!
That's the only animals we got close to, but I have big plans to befriend many of the keepers (penguins top of the list of course!)

Since people have found out that I work at the zoo, I have had requests to steal; a penguin, a gorilla, a baby elephant, an oseolot (not entirely sure one of those is, but it sounds angry), an anteater, a meerkat and a giraffe. I think I'm going to need a bigger handbag.

Zoo fact: Giraffes tongues are long enough to lick their ears.

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