Friday, 1 June 2012

In which I discover my feminine side...

Having been largely out of touch with the real world recently, my wardrobe was beginning to feel neglected. So, when I finally managed to escape the dreaded library, my first stop was the pub, then my second was the shops!

This playsuit was what I bought for my night out for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago. Having left things to the last minute as usual, I was forced to panic buy in New Look the day before. I grabbed an armful of vaguely appealing dresses and headed for the changing rooms, desperate to find something I even vaguely liked. When it came to trying this one on, I realised it was a playsuit. Anyone who is familiar with my issues with jumpsuits may understand why I almost put it straight back on the hanger without even trying it. But these were desperate times. Long story short, it fitted me better than any of the dresses I tried, and I had a cracking birthday night out in it.  I had a bit of trouble in finding suitable footwear - it's too short to wear full on heels, lest I wade into TOWIE territory, but a girl (especially a 5ft 1 girl) needs a good pair of shoes on her birthday, so I went with a pair of cream wedges. I love the shape, particularly the way it goes in at the waist, but is quite floaty from the hips downwards- feminine but versatile enough to be worn for smart or casual.

Following the birthday shopping trip, I didn't go near a clothing shop for a good few weeks due to exams. I've sure as heck made up for it now though! This dress is one of three dresses I've purchased in the last three days (and this is coming from a girl who lives in baggy jeans and hoodies!). It's definitely not my normal style, but in a post-exam haze of relaxation I was feeling the 'anything goes' vibe, and inspired by my recent foray into the playsuit world, I took the plunge. (The pattern is a retro ice cream pattern, which reminded me of the Jukebox print in the final Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry collection.

 This was my second new dress, and definitely my favourite! I got it from Help the Aged on Tonbridge High Street for £3.99, although it still has the original tags on. The belt that came with it (in the photo) is very plastic, so I will be looking for a new belt to go with it (the belt is definitely needed -without it I look even more top heavy). I've already got a couple of outings lined up for it- a hen do and The Yorker's end of year awards (orange is definitely a strong theme of the site!)

 The dress below was another charity shop bargain- also £3.99! The belt is one I added myself, athough  I can't help feel that the colour isn't right. I may have to find a brighter coloured belt to add a bit of colour to the outfit -any suggestions welcome.

Finally, I reverted back to my old ways and bought a pair of jeans. Anyone who has been jean shopping with me will tell you that I am a pain in the whatsits, so when I find a pair I like that fit satisfactorily (perfection went out of the window a long time ago) I have to buy them. These ones are very stretchy and soft, almost bordering into - dare I say it- jegging territory, but in my books, the zip and button define them as trousers rather than leggings, keeping me just the right side of the fashion law. 

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