Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Adios enero.

The wet dog that is January has reared its ugly head and quietened down back to sleep for another year. Happy to say, I seem to have survived unscathed, without any major disasters, and with a few successes along the way. A brief rundown of my January:

  • Secured two work experience placements for 2012, one at Gay Times and one at Women's Weekly.
  • This blog got around 730 hits, more than triple any previous month.
  • Was involved with the launch of the new site for The Yorker, which has involved implementing new Careers and Finance subsections.
  • Conducted my first journalistic interview, with Steve Gallacher of Trespasser Films (article here)
  • Had a guest blog published on Inspiring Interns.
  • Discovered a fabulous little place in the heart of York.
  • Spent more hours in the library than I care to remember-third year is beginning to take its toll
So it's been a pretty busy month, hence why I've not been blogging more, and specifically why my weekly TV round up didn't take off-I've barely had time to watch the programmes, let alone write about them!

Aims for February

  • Work on the social side of university life-everyone is so busy with final year, there are some people I haven't seen yet this year (yes, you. You know who you are). I aim to pin you down to a place and a time very soon.
  • Make some solid travel plans for the rest of the year, post-graduation!

On another note, today is 1.2.12. What a great day for microphone testing.*

Happy February. Just don't talk to me about Valentine's Day.

*Joke stolen from Twitter

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  1. Busy month then! Impressed with the placements, very well done! Any advice as to how to go about getting a couple of days shadowing people? :)