Wednesday, 25 May 2011

500 days of summer (2009, Marc Webb)

Shamefully, I only got round to watching this film last night. And I loved it.

It explores the idea of love and romance, although it's not your typical romantic movie. For a start, there's no happy ending. In fact, it left me feeling quite bereft, as all my ideas about life were pretty much destroyed in a two hour period. Also, for once, the guy is the good guy, and the girl is a complete cow, a subversion you don't often see in romantic films. The introduction of the character of Summer, though, portrays her as inspirational, happy-go-lucky, the sort of person that most people wish they were.

To be honest, I was left not knowing what to feel. In some ways, it's a feel good film, but in other ways, it's quite dark. The chronological leaps mean that you know the outcome before you watch the majority of the story, meaning that you are not free to truly enjoy scenes that you otherwise would have done.

And if, like me, you were naive enough to think that this film is about a couple of years of lovely weather, think again.

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  1. ...I could only realize what the title was all about when he was waiting for his interview to start and met a girl. Clever, hum!?