Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A chaotic meal time

Today was our final day in the nursery, but also our first chance to feed the 3-6 month old cubs; as they had eaten meat on Sunday, they did not get fed yesterday.

With 11 hungry cubs spread across the two enclosures, feeding time is never simple. One bowl is allocated per lion, and as soon as they see the bowls coming down the path towards the enclosure, they get excited, making it difficult to get into the enclosure.

Once inside the enclosure, the trick is to distribute the bowls as quickly and as far apart as possible, and then get out before the squabbles begin.

A few minutes later, we have to go back into the enclosures to retrieve the bowls. It sounds straightforward but they do insist on licking every morsel out of the bowls, and if you try to take the bowl before they're finished, you're in trouble.

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