Monday, 15 October 2012

A heightened hotel fetish.

For those of you who are unaware, I'm currently interning at a soon-to-be-launched luxury travel website called Secret Earth. Not only is it giving me a chance to further explore my love for travel, and get to know the luxury end of the market a little better (a far cry from the student audience I'm used to addressing in my work), it's also really interesting to get an insight into a start-up company.

However, what I'm loving most about the internship is how it's fueling my weird little obsession -fetish, if you will- for hotels. Hotels have always fascinated me, and these days it's refreshing to find the obscure little hotels, catering for individual taste rather than for the masses. Unfortunately I can't share too many of the discoveries I've made - wouldn't want to put the website out of business before it's launched, would I?- but suffice to say I've got my eye on a trip to Jordan, and the south of France has some gorgeous boutique hotels just crying out to be explored! Top of my list at the moment (it changes daily) is the Jade Mountain Hotel in St. Lucia. Billed as "St. Lucia's most romantic hotel", the website images portray it as a veritable maze of infinity pools and outstanding views. I know, I know, not exactly of the beaten track is it, but can't a girl dream of being whisked off her feet?

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