Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Harptree Court Treehouse - yes please!!

My current internship has led to me researching unusual dwellings for an upcoming magazine feature. As someone who is fascinated by this sort of thing, it was quite an interesting brief, but it became even more exciting when I started stumbling across unusual hotels. Being a bit of a sucker for a good hotel - mostly dreaming about visiting rather than actually doing so at the moment - and also being a bit of a romantic at heart, my imagination was captured when I stumbled across this treehouse hotel in Bristol. I thought such things were relegated to the over-active imaginations of 12-year old boys in Enid Blyton novels, so was thrilled to find that such a place exists, and even more to learn that it is in England (typical British weather not withstanding!)

Described as a "boutique cottage in the trees" by one guest, it is a private en-suite hotel room located, quite literally, in the trees. Sounds like heaven, and certainly somewhere I'd love to visit given the chance!

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