Monday, 28 November 2011

A fur too far!

Call me naive (and many a person has), but I always thought that was an innocent sort of (virtual) place where people could buy handmade necklaces, browse homemade greetings cards, that sort of middle class suburbian activity. I was shocked then, to discover recently via another blog, that people are selling coats made out of real wolf skin. In fact, no, not even coats, wolves. They are selling wolves, just with their inner gizzards, guts and whatnot removed.

I know that taxidermy is a long standing tradition and unlikely to be going anywhere soon. But stuffing dead animal skins with humans is effectively what is going on here, and for me that’s a step too far.

This wolf , for example, is cute, right? I mean, you probably wouldn’t want to get too close, but nice to look at from a distance. Well as it goes, that’s not actually a wolf. Not a whole wolf anyway. It’s the person who made the ‘pelt’ modelling it on their Etsy site for people to then spend £1200 or there abouts to then dress in a wolf’s skin and...I don’t know...lie in a field pretending to be a wolf and praying you don’t get shot I guess. It’s not the sort of thing you’d wear down the high street when you pop out for a bit of Christmas shopping, not least for the fear of PETA pelting you with rocks (although I guess if you can pass as a wolf, that’d the last thing they’d be doing), but also because I imagine it must be somewhat unpleasant, knowing that your head is placed precisely where a wolf’s living brain was in the not too distant past.

Further research on Etsy and similar websites showed that there are several sellers producing these products, suggesting that it’s a pretty wide spread thing, and perhaps more popular than imagined. I don’t know, perhaps I’m the only one who didn’t know that this sort of trade went on (I did tell you I was naive), but either way I find it shocking.

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