Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Asking for a "poking"....

I knew that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter had taken over our lives, but not to the extent that some of us had neglected to possess the capabilities to communicate as humans.

In the gym earlier, I had forgotten my headphones, so instead of my usual music I was having a cheeky earwig on the conversation of two girls next to me, both of whom were at least 20 years old. One was telling the other about how there was a guy she fancied on Facebook, but so far their communication had been limited to "poking" each other, as people will. She was asking her friend how she should go about talking to him properly and move things along. Her friend asked her how long they'd been "poking" each other for.

"Two and a bit years" came the reply.

I really wanted to tell her to man up and grow a pair.

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